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Stunning stories from a modern-day OU

Zahra Alidina

The UK's youngest Law graduate explains how the OU gave her a head start on her dream of becoming a Barrister.

Felix Asare-Donkoh

Aircraft technician Felix shares how he juggled studying for his OU in Wales Engineering degree while serving overseas in the army. 

Karis Williamson

Karis shares how studying with The OU in Scotland helps her to explore new worlds and prove just what she's capable of.

Steven Ryan

Steven from Northern Ireland explains how a life-changing accident inspired him to pursue a new career in nursing.

Hannah Sargeant

In a traditionally male-dominated field, Planetary Scientist Hannah is breaking boundaries in the field of Moon exploration.

Marva and Adrian Rollins

For OU graduates Marva and Adrian Rollins, a passion for education and helping others is something which runs in the family.

Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski

From prisoner to student and now to OU staff member supporting others, Stephen shares his remarkable journey.

Tracy Thorpe

Proving that OU students can study absolutely anywhere - Tracy's journey took her all around the world.

Vincent Deguin

Shooting for the stars (and beyond) - PhD student Vincent's pioneering research explores our solar system.

Karena Serdecka-Rhodes-Bell

From the West End to Education, OU Associate Lecturer Karena tells us how study opened up new doors for her.

Iconic moments in OU history

Take a look back at 10 powerful images from the OU Archive that showcase iconic moments that have shaped our University. 

Behind the scenes

What's is like behind the lens? We sit down with photographer Chris Floyd.