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50th Anniversary Photography Collection

We are celebrating 50 years of The Open University with a newly-released collection of stories from our past and present. Renowned photographer Chris Floyd has captured the remarkable stories of the OU today with a collection of 10 portraits of former and current OU students. We have also released 10 iconic images from the OU Archive, featuring iconic moments dating back to the OU’s earliest days.

Stunning stories of a modern-day OU

10 remarkable stories. 10 remarkable images. Renowned British photographer Chris Floyd has captured just some of the stories of modern-day OU, in a series of original pictures. 

Iconic OU moments through the ages

What a journey we've had so far. Take a look back at 10 powerful images from the OU Archive that showcase the iconic moments and the pioneers who have shaped our University.

Behind the scenes with Chris Floyd

What's it like behind the lens? Go behind the scenes with photographer Chris Floyd, known for his celebrity portraits, and the team as he brings these powerful stories to life.